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Perfect Geometry

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Perfect Geometry is a project which began sometime in 2010 and grows into a body of works in sculpture, print, photography and film. Tapping into a seam of Utopianism that runs throughout Modernity, they articulate and complicate the aura and austerity of much Modern architecture and monumental sculpture. References for this period come from the sweep of modern architecture and modern abstract sculpture, including Brancusi, Nicolson, Le Corbusier, and LeWitt.

There exists, above and beyond this everyday existence, a realm of forms: of timeless abstracted principles, possessing of more reality than the fleeting shadows of our everyday existence. Can these forms be found in images, reified and distanced from their earthly reality through the lens of the camera? Are they impressions only or in their lack of specific spatio-temporal references do they attain something beyond the mere recording of a particular moment in time and place? Like photos of the dead do they preserve a moment which would otherwise be lost in the relentless rush of time? Or are they something other,  a vision which surpasses that which it originally saw? Is it possible to separate the one from the other, or do they act as ingredients in the creation of an inseparable whole?

When I see the tiles on the bottom of the pool, I do not see them despite the water, but through it and because of it. The image I see is presented to me by the water's thickness. What I perceive is a constant amalgam of the two, tiles and water, in the dance of encounter. If the depth of the camera, the distance from lens to film, or through wires and electromagnetic tape, to paper print, projector beam, or  screen, is the water then the tiles are the objects of its mechanical or digital sight. How do we see these objects through and because of these technologies of reproduction? How are the images we see shaped in this inseparable dynamic? Are they mere visions, or do they possess a being beyond and above their origin?     

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