Bill Leslie's work is concerned primarily with the relationship of photographic media and the sculptural object. He makes images of objects which through shifts in colour and focus, obtuse angles and theatrical lighting, transform the objects' scale and substantiality. The result is the creation of images and installations which conflate two and three dimensions, bringing together objects in mis en scene which reconfigure the viewer's perception and put the integrity of the art object into question.

In his work the relationship of camera and object is seen as a constitutive moment in the sculptural process, a dynamic relation in which the final reality of the object is articulated. His  working method is exploratory and broad in scope, involving research into filmic genres, photographic techniques and art on film. The objects he makes are conceived in relation to particular historical art works or pieces of architecture, especially from the canon of Modernity. Practically there is a preference for simple construction methods and filming techniques and a concern with the particular qualities of analogue and digital media and their impact upon the material quality of the pictured sculpture. There is also a developing interest in simplicity of form and a move towards hyper-reality, utopian visions, and mystical structures: bodies and states removed from any particular context.

He studied theatre, before turning to sculpture, film and photography, and receiving an MA in Visual Performance and Time-Based Media at Dartington College of Art. He has shown work in the UK and Germany. He currently lives and works in London.

He has recently begun working in collaboration with Lucy Cran under the neame LEAP THEN LOOK running workshops and participatory projects for people of all ages and abilities.

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